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A Litte History

Started in 2011, we have developed over 70+ mobile applications! From designing, developing, launching & scaling we do it all...

We are experts in iPhone, iPad & Android application development. We also build the supporting backend on Amazon Web Services for it.

From Startups to Fortune 500 companies, we have developed mobile applications for all types of industries.

We have worked as silent ninjas to develop apps for big IT firms to cater their clients.

The exciting journey...

How Far Have We Come Since 2011?

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The Process

1. We make sure that we connect & understand the way your industry works, your existing problems without mobile apps & how we can create a customized solution to solve your industry or your end user problems with mobile apps.

2. After we connect on with your problems, we would plan together an effective solution that perfectly fits your requirement, time & budget.

3. When we are into development phase, we make sure that you are updated with the progress of the app with weekly builds being sent to you.

4. We launch your app after complete testing & making sure that all the app store guidelines are met to go live.


Our Services

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App Development

We know that the UI/UX of an app are it's most important aspects, so we build apps which are clean, easy to use & beautiful... to keep your users in absolute awe.

Strictly building Native only apps on iOS & Android, we don't compromise on performance of apps.

Using powerful analytical tools and post launch data we constant improve the app so that your users stay loyal to you. From designing, developing, launching & scaling we do it all...

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Cloud & Backend
Amazon Web Services

Most apps need powerful backends to give a great experience to users. The backend should be architected to handle any scale of traffic it get's when the app is launched.

That's why we have Amazon Web Service experts to design the perfect scalable backend to support your awesome app.

Using MongoDB, Node.js, AngularJS & Python, we build the services to run perfectly on the cloud we design for your app.

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Marketing & Scaling
App Store Marketing

Just building & launching your app won't get your app the right amount of users.

This is the reason we do your audience analysis & build the app platform to be the perfect market fit.

Having over 2 million downloads of our own utility apps, we know where your customers are looking for your platform. With innovative marketing strategy we give you the organic growth for your app, which it deserves.


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